Pierre-Octave Ferroud – Trois Pièces

pour flûte seule (1920-21)

Robert Aitken – fuvola

Ferroud három szólódarabjáról már többször is volt szó ezeken az oldalakon. A nálunk talán kevésbé ismert darabot most kottából követhető előadásban láthatjuk és hallhatjuk Robert Aitken szólójával.

I. Bergère captive [0:00]
II. Jade [2:25]
III. Toan-Yan: La fête du double cinq [4:05]

A quasi kínai stílusú darab 3. tételéről így vall a szerző:

“The Toan-Yan holiday (or the day of Double Five) is celebrated in China on the fifth day of the fifth month – whence its name – and it is dedicated to the commemoration of a certain hero who flung himself into a body of water and drowned rather than submit to military dishonour. The solemnity of the holiday gives way in turn to mystical and fervid dances which symbolize the contrast between peace and war.”

Later in the movement, the theme marked “très libre dans la mesure” [] is described by the following annotation:

“This theme is an authentic Chinese melody that is played on the large recorder – each Chinese instrument has a monopoly on certain musical themes, on account of its form, fingering and extent. One must play it in a chanting manner [psalmodier] with extreme simplicity, and without rhythmic precision.”

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