A Song For Japan

Steven Verhelst szerzeménye a japán cunami katasztrófa után készült és világméretű projekté szélesedett. Mostantól mi is elkészíthejük és feltölthetjük felvételünket a “A Song For Japan” című kompozícióból. Az alábbi oldalon tájékozódhatunk a támogatási formákról – még most sem késő adakozni: http://www.trombones.jp/goodsdonate/goodsdonate.html

Steven Verhelst – A Song For Japan for 2 flute and piano

Steven Verhelst – A Song For Japan for flute and piano

After this tragic earthquakes and Tsunami’s, many composers have made and will make compositions and arrangements to pray for the victims and send messages to survivers and the country Japan. You can play these works in your program and share a moment with your audience. Record your performance of this piece and put it on Youtube with your message to Japan!! When you do this, please show the name of the composer and a link to this website, for example, on the program books of your concert, by your speech, and/or with descriptions or tags of your Youtube movie, so people who saw your playing will be able to find this site and various versions of the sheetmusic and this song will be performed and heard again and again all over the world!


forrás: http://www.trombones.jp/music/music.html

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