Australian Flute Festival

Nem tartom valószínűnek, hogy tőlünk bárki is eljut erre a rendezvényre, de érdemes tanulmányozni a fellépő művészeket – többségük számunkra teljesen ismeretlen – és az általuk játszott műsorokat, amelyekben szintén nem kevés újdonságot találhatunk. Viszont szívmelengető látni a fuvolaegyüttes által játszott Kodály (Túrót eszik a cigány) és Bartók (Román népi táncok) darabokat, alighanem mindkettő külföldi átírat lehet (lásd a cikk vége felé).

The next Australian Flute Festival will be held in 2013 at the Australian National University School of Music in Canberra.

4th – 7th October, 2013

Welcome and Opening Concert

Saturday October 5

Llewellyn Hall

Gala Concert

Sunday October 6

Llewellyn Hall

7.30 pm

Closing Concert

Monday October 7

Llewellyn Hall

Larry Sitsky Chant for Mass Flutes

This piece has been written for Christine Draeger and the Australian Flute Festival 2013!

Lunchtime Recitals

Saturday October 5

Marianne Gedigian

Llewellyn Hall

Sunday October 6

Jim Walker

Llewellyn Hall

Jim Walker plays music that he really likes

JS Bach Sonata in e minor for Flute and Piano BWV 1034
Claude Debussy Syrinx
Lowell Liebermann Sonata for Flute and Piano Op 23
Mike Garson Lullaby for our Daughters
Garson / Paganinni Pagar Jazz Variations (with computer)
Jim Walker Santiago
Mike Mower Deviations on the Carnival of Venice

Monday October 7

Roberto Álvarez

Llewellyn Hall


Eduardo Costa

Escenas de la vida de Poulenc (Scenes of Poulenc’s life) for piccolo and piano

Miguel Prida

Piece for piccolo and piano

Jorge Muñiz

Homage to Poulenc for piccolo and piano

Elisenda Fábregas

Sonata No.1 for flute and piano

Salvador Espasa

Piece for flute alone

Showcase Recitals

Lina Andonovska

Focusing on the contrasts of the explosion of sound to the meditative silence. Introducing emerging flautist Lina Andonovska, performing works spanning from complete virtuosic wildness to serene calmness.

Brett Dean Demons
Paul Mefano Traits Suspendus for amplified bass flute
JS Bach arr. Sciarrino Toccata and Fugue
Lachlan Skipworth Light Rain for flute and string quartet
David Lang Thorn
Tristan Murail Unanswered Questions
Mary Finsterer Ether

Michel Bellavance
Transcriptions for flute from the violin repertoire, including Faure Sonata in A major op.13 and Pierne Sonata in D minor op. 36

Derek Jones
From Bach to Sitsky
Derek Jones Stillness”  Improvisation (2007)
J. S.Bach A minor Partita BWV 1013
Barry Conyngham Flute
Larry Sitsky Sonata for solo flute (1959)
Brian Brown Lily’s Garden (2000)
Ross Edwards Ulpirra (1993)

Adrianna Lis

The Salonnieres
Lamorna Nightingale, Melissa Farrow, Erin Helyard

The Salonnieres will give a brief lecture about the surprising history of the 19th century flute, they will explain and demonstrate the differences between the Boehm-system and simple system flutes and perform repertoire by the great composer/flautists of the 19th Century including Kuhlau, Doppler and Koehler.

Peter Sheridan
Sonorous Sonatas
A recital featuring music from Peter Sheridan’s new CD titled ‘Sonorous Sonatas’

Gary Schocker

Music for a Lost Planet for Alto Flute and Piano

Andrew Downes

Sonata for Contrabass Flute Op. 99

Taran Carter

Owls Flutel for Bass Flute and Piano

Jelle Hogenhuis

Elegie for Alto and Bass Flute

Australian Work

Moon Cycles – Low Flutes Quartet

Duo Recitals

Haga Duo

Opposites Attract

Mattias Lysell Quartet for two opposing duos with Virginia Taylor and Timothy Kain
with choreography by Anna Koch
Emmy Lindström Duo for Flute and Guitar
Benjamin Staern Duo for Flute and Guitar

Histoire du Tango

Concert Studies Recital

Saturday October 5

Michel Bellavance

Virginia Taylor

Adrianna Lis

Sunday October 6

Jim Walker

Derek Jones

Roberto Álvarez

Monday October 6

Marianne Gedigian

Vernon Hill

Sareidah Hilderbrand

Flute Groups

Adelaide Flutes

Alan Aungles – Piccolo, Alto Flute, Quena (Peruvian Flute)

Kerryn Schofield – Bass, Contra Bass Flute

Julie Todd – Alto, Bass Flute

Karen Fletcher – Flute, Piccolo

Jane Wearing-Smith – Flute, Alto Flute

Catherine Kammerman – Flute, Alto Flute

Expect the Unexpected
A concert of folk, gypsy, bohemian and other unusual pieces featuring alto, bass, contrabass and quena (Peruvian) flutes. Focusing on low flutes and ethnic music, this concert is an opportunity to hear pieces played in a refreshingly different style full of bohemia flair.

Zoltán Kodaly Turot aszik a cigany (See the Gypsies Eating Cheese)
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade -  Excerpts from The Young Prince & the Princess
Béla Bartók Romanian Folk Dances
Camille Saint-Saëns The Elephant from Carnival of the Animals
Claude Debussy Bohemian Dance
Claude Bolling Affectueuse from Suite No 2
Traditional Peru Haunyo De Ayacucho (The love of Ayacucho)
Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody

Flute Ensemble Music of Our Time

Lamorna Nightingale, Janet McKay, Kim Tan, Laila Engle, Melanie Walters, Lina Andonovska, Christine Draeger

Bringing together new-music specialists from around the country in a in a program designed to inspire and engage – this is the music of our time!

Australian Music for Flutes
Featuring the Monash University Flute Ensemble
A diverse and rich concert of music showcasing Australian composers from traditional classical western music to the buzz of electronic and beat-box sound fabrics.

Wouter Kellerman
World Music that takes you places
Experience an exciting fusion of musical elements and influences.

W Kellerman, P Whellock



Brian Boru’s March

W Kellerman, P Whellock


Marin Marais

Folies d’Espagne

Cheikh Lo/Omar Sow N’Jarinu Garab

W Kellerman, P Whellock

Buenos Aires

W Kellerman

The Long Road (for solo flute)


Irish Hornpipes

W Kellerman/D Matamela/R Makhene/S Sechele/M Lotz Khokho


Gumboot Dance


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