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Két cikket ajánlok itt angol nyelven, mindkettő közepes nyelvtudással is olvasható. Az elsőben Eimear McGeown beszél arról, hogyan küzdötte le a lámpalázat – ő járt nálunk a Budapest Flute Academy keretében és meggyőződhettünk róla, hogy sikerült neki.

A második írás nem fuvolás műve, hanem a trombitás  Chris Coletti-é, aki a Canadian Brass tagja. Ő – saját tanácsain túl – könyveket is ajánl, amiket érdemes elolvasni annak, aki a színpadi magabiztosság tekintetében fejlődni szeretne.

How to say SOLOng to Performance Anxiety with Eimear McGeown

“Well what other rituals are there?

I don’t believe in lucky charms or anything during preparation. When I was younger I was obsessed with having a banana before performing. The potassium is meant to be good for energy and keeping you calm. Anyway, it got to a stage where it was ridiculous and I was freaking out before a performance ten years ago in Washington because I couldn’t find one. I eventually got one and ate it before going on stage. After that day I promised myself not to become over reliant on things outside my control again before a performance.”

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7 Tips To Overcome Nervousness by Chris Coletti

“Professional and amateur performers alike have to deal with performance anxiety all the time.Some claim they eventually overcome it, some never experience it, but some of the best in the business get nervous before every single performance but still perform their best.Some get so nervous that they get violently ill before every show(!!)–but the audience never sees it. How do they do it? While everyone is different, the following 7 steps should help you on your way to becoming a more confident performer.”

(whole article here…)

by Chris Coletti – Canadian Brass

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